sigh.. why must be sneakers that expensive?!
especially the ones i really love~

just when i was thinking of wearing only sneakers from now onwards.. doesnt seem possible with them charging near to 400bucks per pair! (them meaning onitsuka tiger, creative recreation and etc.)

and i never like converse.


cos i think i will never settle with the idea of only getting 4 pairs of new shoes a year.. XD (that's more like in a couple of months! XD)

getting a lil too used to.. (i know i am long gas, but i just cant help loving it~)

getting so used to starting work at 10. (owh yesh. i so damn love this!)
getting so used to having the convenience of a free ride to work. (owh yesh yesh.. i leave home 15mins before 10!)

getting so used to movie marathons on fridays. (heehee. no need to q for good seat tics.)
getting used to doing all the shoppings on fridays too. (heeheehee. no need to squeeze for anything, at all.)

getting so used to all the things that are out of others' norms.
owh yesh yesh yesh~~

(dont be jealous yeah. i wanna resume work on fridays too k..)

during the mth of ghost


quote from my bro..
[a complilation of hantus!]


growing older, yet not wiser

this is the age..

when you start receiving wedding dinner invitations.
good friend of yours waving goodbye, furthering studies overseas.
while another good friend decided on a career switch, over the sea too (spore, still not so bad).
a close friend quit her job, and decided to do something else.
and your best friend's daughter growing into tiny human being.

this is the age..

when you also realised your face is in such a mess, all the oh-so-expensive this and that come to aid!!


[readings] one rich friendly looking uncle

adrian zecha, a name mentioned over our chat this afternoon.
and i sorta goo-ed him.
ooh.. he's on wiki too..

founder of aman resorts, director of ghm.. bla bla bla.. few of his noted success.

i love this quote of his.

[I tell my wife, 'I don't chase beautiful women anymore, I just chase beautiful sites.']

read more on wiki, and time asia.

[readings] to friends who are into 3ds

a dear friend is 'in love' with this design studio in moscow. why not.. they have done the coolest projects ever.

and during one night while we were chatting about random stuff, he gave me links to this oh-my-gawd project of theirs.

Making of panoramic images for Tower website Federation

with long detailed explanation (both writing and visuals) of the process, even the person who put up this article i have to salute!
go have a look on the 1st page, and go ooh and ahh like i did.
and finish all 4 pages if you do actually have the time. (because like me, i have to pause and digest of what they did! at the same time couldnt be more amazed after each line or visual)

[readings] what happens after beta?

yeah.. often i see games launched with beta version.. but they kinda stay in beta version way too long. makes me wonder.. what do you called the version after the beta? delta?

so this is what i have gotten, after asking a tech savvy friend, and with the help of bro, he digged the related article from wiki.

1 - pre-alpha
2 - alpha
3 - beta
4 - release candidate

software release life cylce

ahh.. so there are other versions before beta.. little did i know..