[readings] what happens after beta?

yeah.. often i see games launched with beta version.. but they kinda stay in beta version way too long. makes me wonder.. what do you called the version after the beta? delta?

so this is what i have gotten, after asking a tech savvy friend, and with the help of bro, he digged the related article from wiki.

1 - pre-alpha
2 - alpha
3 - beta
4 - release candidate

software release life cylce

ahh.. so there are other versions before beta.. little did i know..


CrazyJack said...

i thought tat is Military code talk

A: Alpha
B: Bravo
C: Charlie
D: Delta
E: Echo
F: Foxtrot
G: Golf
H: Hotel
I: India
J: Juliet
K: Kilo
L: Lima
M: Mike
N: November
O: Oscar
P: Papa
Q: Quebec
R: Romeo
S: Sierra
T: Tango
U: Uniform
V: Victor
W: Whiskey
X: X-Ray
Y: Yankee
Z: Zulu

CrazyJack said...

and u should read this

potat | may said...

i was not on military codes
it's the life cycle of software release as stated